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I discovered I was an artist on a three month trip to the ancient ruins of Egypt, Israel, Italy, Greece, and Turkey.  I found myself drawing everything I saw.  This led me to the University of Washington School of Art where I worked and graduated with a B.F.A. in Painting, a B.F.A. in Sculpture, and a Arts. Since then I have been painting relentlessly.

Art can be fun and funny.

For that reason I paint contemporary objects.

I have a great love of birds and have been painting them for years.
Many subjects are endangered birds, other endangered species, traditional en plein air landscapes.

My influences are many and include favorites like Warhol and VanGogh.

I enjoy pop art and the comedy of art.
I like to think Vincent would get a kick out of  my paintings, if he was alive.

Art for Sale:

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