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Forrest Sargent

 Forrest Sargent


 Hello, my name is Forrest Sargent. I have autism.

I use a letter board to communicate.  I am 21 years old. I am a photographer. I like to take pictures of nature. I sell my photos. I love taking photos because I can make something beautiful, I am an artist. I think photography is the loveliest art because it shows the truth. It shows the secret beauty in things.

Taking pictures, I need to find the hidden light in everything. I want people to get pleasure and reach my mind from my photos.



I was born in Tokyo, Japan.
I lived there for three years.
I became autistic when we moved back to Seattle.
It was terrible and I couldn’t talk or do things.
I was not happy. I lived at home and acted crazy.
Now I live at Fircrest.
I go home and see mom and dad lots.
Now I can talk with a letter board and I feel much better.
I have friends and I don’t scare people anymore.
I will get better and have a relaxing life.

I know a lot and I want to share it.



I am alone because I can’t say what I want when I need to.
That makes me feel like I am in a place where I am not acknowledged.
People think that I cannot understand or think a lot but I can.
I can do many things but it is hard. I can take photos that show how I feel.
I take photos of things that show my isolation.
I wish people would understand my feeling through my photos.”

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Forrest Sargent Autism Arts and Photography

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