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Jack Carl Anderson

Jack Carl Anderson


Essence in Form

Living in a world with myriad sounds, sights, signals and competing messages, I find myself overwhelmed with too many words, too much input, and too many details.

Visual art is one way to narrow and focus expressive communication, to create my own interpretation of my environment and say things in my own language. The nexus of this non-verbal expression has instinct, intuition, and imagination combining with the intellect-a kind of cerebral/physical process that translates raw unfettered emotion and idealized, eidetic perception into imagery.

Some environments present a solemn kind of beauty; others are fleeting and obtuse. Still others cast an array of light and color that I could never hope to mimic, but to which I still am drawn. All environments, whether concrete or imaginary, are fodder for thinking, feeling, participating and exploring. All environments, whether panoramic or miniature, contain possibilities.

The inspiration for my work is the quest for essence, boiled down to simple directness. Capturing the power of being, tapping potential, and releasing energy are at the core of this quest.

The results, to date, have been universal appeal.

Jack Carl Anderson is autistic. He lives and works with his partner, Michael W. Tolleson.

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