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James Manson

 James Manson


I began my creative endeavors working with ceramics, starting in the mid 70's until 1980, experimenting mainly with geometric forms, I decided that metal would be a more appropriate medium.

Not finding any programs offered at higher institutions that fit my needs, I chose a 6-month comprehensive welding course at a local vocational technical institute where I began learning the skills necessary to bring my ideas to fruition.

It wasn't until 1986, when I discovered that stainless steel was to be my canvas of choice , at the time there were many sources for metal "scrap", such as  Boeing Surplus & Seattle Iron & Metal , since then have decided that It's no longer lucrative enough to sell their "wares" to the public.

Although the loss of these resources was somewhat difficult to overcome, My vision has become stronger, now that I have developed the skills needed to create anything that comes to mind.

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