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Michael Tolleson

Michael Tolleson


In the long course of a lifetime, I am a relatively recent transplant to the world of canvas art, although I have had a long history of dabbling in design, color and artistic projects since my childhood. The gift of painting has inspired my partner and me to mentor artists on the autistic spectrum as a give back to the universe that has blessed us with the gift of art. 

My Physical Being and my Paintings:

  •  I have Aspergers, which accounts for my ability to paint proficiently and effectively without formal training. My first 5 paintings have been displayed and sold in art galleries in 3 states. I continue to evolve, develop my own style and progress because of an aptitude that I attribute to my Aspergers. While I can paint like a artistic savant, I have other deficits such as face blindness (inability to remember faces if they are “out of location context” or if clothing or hairstyle has significantly changed). I can do complex math in my head, but cannot fill out forms, reports, schedules, or balance a checkbook. Aspergers has its pluses and minuses... Oh and I have the tendency to be very, very, very verbal (I talk a lot).
  • Originally from Texas, I have lived in Texas, Oklahoma, New York, Pennsylvania, and Washington. I am now settled in Seattle, with my artist partner, Jack Carl Anderson.
  • My art travels between two paths; one more realistic and the other more abstract and soul based. I always begin by observing and reviewing a photo of a place, person, building, sky or a landscape. The photo acts as a tool to isolate whatever interests me, and in the process, the ordinary will reveal something extraordinary about its place in my world. These images provide the “bones” of my work. My paintings capture a moment; a feeling; a future. 
  • I am strongly influenced by the Asian culture and my approach to my painting style emulates a “Sumi-E” artist’s manner of addressing his art form. My brush or palette knife movement is quick and almost manic, although the application of the paint is calculated, it appears random on the canvas. Color and emotions pour from the finished canvas to draw the viewer deeply into the art. Ultimately, I hope the paint on the canvas provides a doorway into my world and will capture my desire to touch another receptive soul.

Art for sale:

A Lonely Lantern A Pilgrims Journey A Solstice Blanket Afternoon Delight
 A Texas Home Divided (left) A Texas Home Divided (right) By the Light of the Lunar Gods Carnal Sins
Checkpoint Color of the Cascades Crossing the Serengeti Emergence
Escape Through the Baobabs How Wonderous This, How Mysterious, I Carry Fuel, I Fetch Water I'm Outta Here  Inlet
 Meet the Neighbors  My Impressions of Autumn  Nobody On A Night Like This 
 On the Way to the Louvre Orange Umbrella   Outta Sight The Journey 
 The Thirst Transformation of the Ascension  Winter Blues  Wrong Planet 
 Yellow Slicker