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Todd Henry

 Todd Henry


In 1986, Todd started creating his own original mixed media pieces in Dallas, Texas using woods, metals, leather and textiles for interior designers and architects mainly in the south. By 1992, Todd was represented by high end galleries in Dallas, Houston, Denver, San Francisco, L.A. Chicago, New York City and Dania, Florida. In 1990, Todd was commissioned to create 12 pieces for the Anasazi Hotel in Santa Fe, New Mexico with a combined sales price of approximately 36 thousand dollars.

In the years following, Todd was also commissioned to replicate some of his original pieces for Don Henley, Deborah Winger, David Hyde Pierce, Ringo Starr and many of the wealthy celebrities of the time.  He was also commissioned to do work for Dick Cheney as well as having his works shipped to some of the highest ranked families in Kuwait in the mid 90’s.

In 2000 Todd moved to the Coeur d’Alene area where he was commissioned to do mixed media works for the BlackRock country club in North Idaho as well as the Pronghorn country club in Oregon.

Todd’s works vary from small simple pieces selling from as little as 500.00 (painting) to single pieces that have sold for over 12,000.00 (castle replica).


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